In their natural environment chippie ants are constructive insects. They break down rotten or dead wood and are thought to be beneficial recyclers. So why do these massive black ants have a bad rap? Think about a colony of these ants gnawing a complete tree and then use it on your house. When they enter home dwellings and commercial facilities they’re bother pests and actually dangerous to have around. Spatter some cinnamon or chili pepper into the hole or cleft. They are literally capable of causing dreadful damage to structural beams, doors, jousts and other wooden material which make up a structure. Like ant chalk, they won’t cross over these ingredients.

For further prevention, plant mint and cloves around your house as these will repel the insects. When attempting to eliminate ants, try to not kill them unless you are certain you can flush each one of them away. If you see multitudes of ant in the kitchen follow their trail and then fill the hole with turmeric powder, also line the whole area from the hole to the place of their invasion with turmeric powder and after a little time you’ll find the ants have disappeared. Are There Any Natural Ant Killers? If you don’t want to use chemicals to deal with the ants there are many things available on your kitchen shelf and on the dressing table which can kill the ants. Nonetheless there also are comestibles that they like, but which they shouldn’t eat and, just like with us, the most important one of those is sticky, sweet items. Wipe the floor with vinegar mixed in water and the ants won’t enter the house. If the employees can’t carry adequate food home, then the colony will suffer.

They make us fat and rot our teeth and perhaps they do with ants too, but the primary reason is they find it troublesome to take home. If you over feed your ants the surplus will get left to decay. It’s a good method to put the food in one place too. Baits routinely wipe out almost all of the colony. Placing it close to the ‘home’ entrance distracts the ants from going any farther, and they will not crawl all over your kitchen counter. The reason Why I related you’d lose them momentarily above is if only ten percent of the colony survives the bait treatment, that ten percent has the capability to reconstruct the colony back to its original size…and bigger. After baiting you will not see ants for a bit, even a few years, they take time reconstructing the colony, but watch for them because they are going to be back.

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